Travel Tips

The Great American 2017 Solar Eclipse will be an exciting time across the United States! There will likely be millions of people traveling to the best places to enjoy this experience. In fact, many of the best viewing spots are likely to be in small towns and rural communities with limited infrastructure.

Below is a list of travel tips to help ensure an enjoyable experience.

  • Bring extra water. It will be hot in most places and bottled water will be in short supply. Recommendation: 1 gallon per person per day.
  • Bring extra food. If possible, bring a cooler with snacks, beverages, and sandwiches. Many communities are aware they are in the path of totality, however even the best-prepared community can run short on food supplies.
  • Bring basic first aid supplies.
  • Bring camping chairs or picnic blankets. While totality will last less than 3 minutes, the entire eclipse will last more than 2.5 hours in most places.
  • Bring a change of clothes. Just in case.
  • Bring cash. If you’ve chosen a community hosting community events, transactions will probably be cash-based. Subsequently, this could put a strain on ATMs and bank machines.
  • Bring your patience. Expect many people, just like you, wanting to experience the wonder of a total solar eclipse; and communities doing their best to accommodate the influx of visitors.
  • Gas up early and often. Everyone needs gas so avoid the inevitable lines at the pump and gas up early and often.
  • Leave earlier than you think. If you’ve given yourself a few extra hours to arrive at your chosen spot or event, add a couple more.
  • Maintain your patience – all the way home. Leaving your chosen viewing spot could be as congested as getting to your viewing spot. Be patient. Hang out for a while. Enjoy the extra food and beverages you’ve brought with you.

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